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three things august

Inspired by Steph.

Three Things I Like about August

  1. The sound of cicadas in the trees
  2. It’s my daughter’s birth month
  3. The feeling of anticipation for September, the feeling of summer growing mature and ripening.

Three Things I Dislike about August

  1. The feeling that it’s the “last” celebration of the summer season
  2. The heat; my God, the heat
  3. Summer running is the wooooorst.

Three Goals for the Rest of August

  1. Tackle unpleasant tasks as they come rather than procrastinating
  2. Enjoy the luxury of quarantime with Brandon and Miss L before their fall routines begin again
  3. Continue strength training weekly and food tracking daily.

Three Things I Thought I’d Use More This Year

  1. My car
  2. My office building
  3. The library

Three Things I Never Thought I’d Use As Much This Year

  1. My spare bedroom (now my home office)
  2. My Kindle (I have an ancient Kindle that I’m constantly planning to replace but with Covid and our library shutdown, almost ALL of my reading has been on that trusty old wheezy Kindle)
  3. Prayer

Three Things I’m Into Right Now

  1. Auditing my recurring finances
  2. ‘Phoebe Reads a Mystery’ podcast
  3. ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reboot on Netflix

Three Favorite Fruits

  1. Peaches
  2. Pineapple
  3. Red seedless grapes

Three Foods I’ve Survived On in Corona Summer (I’ve been on Weight Watchers…)

  1. Cottage Cheese and pineapple
  2. Rice cakes
  3. Sugar free pudding