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I have to remind myself that Januaries are always difficult for me, and Februaries, as well. As is the case for many people, things are a bit of a grind here in suburban Elysia just at the moment. But I can’t judge 2021 too harshly on its face, just yet.

My expectations weren’t high. The pandemic wasn’t going anywhere. The riots at the Capitol and the continued insanity of Trump, MAGA, and Q….well, that’s a big bunch of demerits for sure.

We’ve had a mild winter so far, without a lot of snow or extreme temps, which is sort of nice but then again every day is just more Michigan grey. At this point I’d relish a nice whomp of snow just for something different.

I’m still working away in my back bedroom / office and still having to make hundreds of quick transitions between employee / parent / teacher / chef / home project manager / therapist / partner / lover every day. Which is not ideal but which I think many of us are struggling with. This will likely continue through April or May, at the earliest, if I’m not mistaken, and perhaps longer depending on how we handle Miss L’s continued remote school through June. This paying job I’ve done for the past 10 years – at a company I’ve been with for 19 – is its usual mix of stability, ennui, consistency, tedium, stress, aggravation, reassurance and comfort, all at once. I try to remind myself to get out for walks or runs and fresh air, get enough sleep but not sleep too much, to have gratitude, take my vitamins and watch my diet and keep to-do lists and make time for self care but sometimes things fall off the plate and I have to start all over again.

Maybe my daily commute (30 minutes to an hour plus one way, depending on weather and traffic), which I always bemoaned in the past, was more beneficial than I thought- time to transition from one role to another, catch up on news or audiobooks or podcasts.

Rise of the Fake Commute and how it might be beneficial to your mental health

The key is taking things one day, one action at a time and not thinking too far ahead.

How’s your January going so far?

three things august

Inspired by Steph.

Three Things I Like about August

  1. The sound of cicadas in the trees
  2. It’s my daughter’s birth month
  3. The feeling of anticipation for September, the feeling of summer growing mature and ripening.

Three Things I Dislike about August

  1. The feeling that it’s the “last” celebration of the summer season
  2. The heat; my God, the heat
  3. Summer running is the wooooorst.

Three Goals for the Rest of August

  1. Tackle unpleasant tasks as they come rather than procrastinating
  2. Enjoy the luxury of quarantime with Brandon and Miss L before their fall routines begin again
  3. Continue strength training weekly and food tracking daily.

Three Things I Thought I’d Use More This Year

  1. My car
  2. My office building
  3. The library

Three Things I Never Thought I’d Use As Much This Year

  1. My spare bedroom (now my home office)
  2. My Kindle (I have an ancient Kindle that I’m constantly planning to replace but with Covid and our library shutdown, almost ALL of my reading has been on that trusty old wheezy Kindle)
  3. Prayer

Three Things I’m Into Right Now

  1. Auditing my recurring finances
  2. ‘Phoebe Reads a Mystery’ podcast
  3. ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reboot on Netflix

Three Favorite Fruits

  1. Peaches
  2. Pineapple
  3. Red seedless grapes

Three Foods I’ve Survived On in Corona Summer (I’ve been on Weight Watchers…)

  1. Cottage Cheese and pineapple
  2. Rice cakes
  3. Sugar free pudding

weekend edition


Happy weekend, all!

June was a quiet month on the blog but very busy IRL.


We celebrated my 47th birthday and Miss L finished her very strange 6th grade year.  I now have a 7th grader – I can barely believe it. Although it seems that the kiddos may be able to go back to school in the fall, nothing is certain right now, and even if they do, it will surely look different than it does now.



I’m still working from home and feeling blessed that my company is being very cautious about bringing everyone back. Miss L’s camps were cancelled this summer and it’s so nice not to have to worry about rearranging all of our schedules to accommodate for her summer care – although the weeks when she is home feel just as busy in the summertime as they did when she was doing virtual school. While I am an introvert, and happy to be at home for large swathes of time without social contact (in this way, self-isolation was no problem for me whatsoever), Miss L is extroverted and I think all kids need social stimulation, interests, and friendships. She and Brandon have bonded over their mutual enjoyment of old kung fu movies and skateboarding, so there are regular visits to the local skate park, but during the weeks we try to make sure she sees her friends from school and get out into the neighborhood. It’s been a balancing act to do this in a responsible, socially distanced way but I think most of her friends’ parents are simpatico on this, and Miss L has been happy to have more bandwidth with a few of her friends and some neighborhood friends at both her dad’s house and mine.


I have been doing Weight Watchers for about a month now and am thrilled to report that I’ve lost 8 lbs. I still have a bit to go before I get back to what I thought I was before the pandemic, and another 10+ to go before I am finally at my goal weight, but the program is working for me and I am feeling really good on it. In addition to seeing the scale move a little bit in the right direction every week, I’m drinking way more water than I used to, and my skin looks much better. I am strictly limiting refined sugar, processed foods, and alcohol, and I am less bloated, my clothes feel better. I’m taking supplements and sleeping like a baby, and have more energy all around – I haven’t felt a mid-afternoon crash into sluggishness since I started the plan. The plan I’ve picked meshes well with the way we eat anyway, and feels more like a reminder / education about making good choices with food and movement. So here’s to the next month on it and hopefully more loss.


I went a little crazy signing us up for virtual running events but Brandon and I are having a lot of fun getting our miles in and tracking our progress. The big one, you’ll remember, is the Mitten Run – 160 virtual miles from Oscoda to Empire (across the upper half of the lower peninsula, for you non-Michiganders) and I also signed us up for the Michigan Harvest Challenge, which is a different harvest-themed run per month through October. We’re also doing the virtual Fishtown 5k, which is a fundraiser for historic Leland, and the virtual Crim 10-miler in August. Whew! It’s a lot of running and so far we haven’t made it out of Farmington for our runs, but the Harvest Challenge offers suggested Strava routes up north for the various events so maybe one month we’ll get crazy and drive up north to do one.


I hope you are all well and safe and healthy. xoxo



and if it snows that stretch down south won’t ever stand the strain

So long, January, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

When we last visited, I was in the dank pit of seasonal grumpiness…but now January is over and somehow we all survived. February can be tough, too, but it’s a shorter month, the days are becoming incrementally longer, and hopefully there will be a bit more sunshine than we’ve had recently. A girl can dream.

No one else in the house except for the cats have had the same January doldrums as I have (and they’re doing better now that their Prozac has been refilled). Brandon built shelves for our master closet and painted the upstairs hallway and rehung all of my family pictures in that hallway, all on the weekends even though he works long days during the week and has a long commute, too. All I ever want to do on weekends is take naps. Miss L, too, has been a tiny dynamo. She auditioned for her middle school play, she’s auditioned for a small scholarship to a wonderful fine arts summer camp for her flute, she continues three hours a week of dance, and altogether she is a beam of bright light and enthusiasm and fearlessness. I could not be more proud of her.


I’m knitting away on my traditional New Year socks, which are usually just a simple sock recipe and usually get named after a book. (Last year’s was Killing Commendatore  by Murakami.) While I knit, we’re watching His Dark Materials on HBO and after we’re done, I’ll have Miss L watch the feature length film version, Golden Compass, with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. In general I  like the HBO version better, although I just can’t with Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby. Lee in my head is always a Carradine.

So this is January, done and dusted. I did great with meal planning in January, and tried some new recipes that will continue into our rotations. I love the cast iron skillet and cookbook, and I tried a couple of crockpot recipes from Pinterest that made Miss L’s dance days easier. I also did very well with waking up earlier / getting to work earlier; a good habit to continue in February and once it starts getting lighter earlier, I hope to add some morning walks / runs into my weekly schedule, weather permitting.
Looking ahead to February, I hope to run more and be outside more; I have one of my favorite small races, the Betsie Bay Frozen 5k. I also want to hit the gym at least once a week for weight training. I want to drink more matcha green tea lattes. I struggled with the no-spend January, so I’m going to push myself to do better in February, although we are buying a rug and a chair for the den and maybe a runner for the newly painted upstairs hallway. One of the things I splurged on in January that was specifically on my “no spend” list was yarn – sigh – I have a problem. I got this colorway from Etsy after seeing this post. So once the New Year’s socks are finished, named, and unveiled, I’ll be casting on.


I hope you are all proud of yourselves for making it through January even if you didn’t struggle as much as I did (and I hope you didn’t). I look forward to hearing more about my blog and vlog friends’ February plans and projects, books and shows and podcasts and passions, and lives in general. Be well and exercise self care and maybe pet some dogs or cats and stay hydrated and my mom says D3 is good and it’s always good to create some art with pencils or paint or yarn or words or your camera or your voice.
xo Happy February!


irons in the fire

I feel like I have a lot of irons in the fire right now and I’m not really sure where to start with updates. (Or whether any of it is even remotely interesting to anyone except me.)

We went to see the Red Wings at home against the Maple Leafs last weekend…and sat right next to the Fox Sports broadcasting booth, which pleased Miss L to no end.

I’m knitting a lot and have finished objects!

I’ve turned out a few of these little pumpkins as harvest gifts for near and dear. Raveled and you can find me there at sixtenpine – it’s a quick and satisfying little pattern by Jan Lewis, Autumn Pumpkins. Meanwhile, knitting on my sweater has ground to a halt, and doesn’t look like it will resume in the short term, as my daughter has requested a new hat and fingerless mitts to match. For some reason she became deeply attached to the pink flat hat I knitted for the Women’s March a couple of years ago – I don’t think she wears it as a political statement, more because she likes the fit and the feel – but I have a vague feeling that at some point someone is going to say something to her about it and while I’d love to go nine rounds with anyone who would dare, the responsible parenting choice is probably a new flat hat for her in a less political color.

In running news, I’m slogging towards the November 2 half marathon in Savannah and have one 10-miler and one 11.5-miler into the bank. I have one more 10 or 11-miler planned for this week, and then what will be will be. I will be glad when the half and the Drumstick Double are done and I will no longer have to schedule 2-3 hour runs every weekend (and the corresponding exhaustion and soreness).

I’m reading lots and have some good reads to share at next month’s Show Us Your Books linkup…

And we’re continuing our inexorable march through the 20 Days of Halloween, with some pretty cool recent watches. Update to come in a separate post. (Lots of Margot Kidder, oddly enough.)

This weekend we’re headed “Up North” to do some leaf peeping, pie eating, hiking, and sleeping. Hopefully the fall colors are making a more brilliant display than they are down here right now!

Hope your October thus far is chilly, spooky, pumpkin-scented, and cozy!

july goals || august goals


good lord that’s a lot to remember.

My July goals were:

1) Improve my housecleaning process via the Clean Mama protocol (blogged about here);
2) Dry weekdays;
3) Target 10,000 steps a day;
4) Run 50 miles;
5) Participate in Plastic Free July.

I’m pleased with my results. I fell off a bit with the cleaning at the end of the month, but liked the overall process (and my new tools) so much that I’ll be carrying that goal over into August. Dry weekdays did NOT happen and I have no intent of trying to continue that 😉 But I hit both fitness goals, restarted Weight Watchers, and feel like I’m on a good trend of keeping my eating clean and my body moving.

Plastic Free July was one of my favorite initiatives and I’m proud of my progress. If you want to read more about the initiative, some tips to help, and a great article about WHY this is necessary, here are some links for you to check out:

I wanted to be efficient in my targeting; I very rarely use plastic single-use bottles, as I have a great reusable travel coffee cup (link to buy here) and several stainless steel and glass water bottles at home that I use constantly, so I knew I didn’t need to improve much there. However, it’s almost impossible for me to avoid plastic packaging at the grocery store, so I sat down and thought about it, and targeted four areas that I knew I could improve.
1) grocery bags – I used ZERO new plastic grocery bags in July. I either remembered my reusable bags, or I used paper bags if I forgot them in the car or at home. As a result, I’ve significantly dwindled my stockpile (which I reuse for cleaning the litter box and lining wastebaskets).
2) single use silverware – I made a great investment with bamboo utensils (link to buy here).  They’re washable, lightweight, I can carry them in my purse or lunchbox or work tote, and where I used to use a plastic fork or spoon almost every day at work to eat my breakfast or lunch, in the month of July I only ended up using ONE plastic knife (before the bamboo set arrived and I needed to slice a banana into my oatmeal at work).
3) ziploc bags – I bought no new ziploc bags and instead washed and reused old ones that come with my Blue Apron boxes for food storage. I used fabric (link to buy here) or washable, reusable bags from Grove Collaborative (link to buy here) for my sandwiches and snacks and smaller food storage.
4) I used NO plastic straws in July. I eschewed straws altogether, in fact, although my bamboo utensil kit comes with a straw and a tiny straw cleaning brush. My new boss at work (whom I love and who resembles Judy Greer and whom I shall now likely call Judy on the blog) recommended glass straws that she purchased at the Ann Arbor Art Fair from Strawesome (link here). I might get one of these as well as she said they’re washable, have a great “mouth feel” and are a nice gift idea.

Flush with my July success, and with the intent to continue the strides I made, here are my August goals:
1) Continue with Clean Mama and Plastic-Free successes from July; carryover.
2) Run 50 miles &  begin training for October half-marathon.
3) 10,000 steps a day;
4) Track food with Weight Watchers every day;
5) Attend Book Club that I’ve been invited to but haven’t made yet;
6) Try out the new yoga studio downtown with the eye to expand my fitness regimen beyond just running.

What are your goals for August? xo and good luck with them!

there and back again

10.2015 frankfort beach front

So since I last posted, I’ve been to Japan and back again, my cats have lost their minds and been prescribed Prozac, I’ve narrowly avoided serving on a federal jury in a terrible case involving heinous acts against children, my workplace has lost its collective mind and NOT been prescribed Prozac, I’ve been rear-ended, wrestled with putting up my first live Christmas tree in years with only a cat and a 7-year old to help (“Is it straight now??” “Nope.” “!@#$%!”), ridden the emotional rollercoaster of Jim Harbaugh’s first college coaching season back at Michigan, I’ve cursed Donald Trump to the fiery pits of hell for his hate speech and fear-mongering, I’ve given multiple presentations, and now it’s 60 degrees F. in Michigan in December. I had to buy an actual notebook for my ‘to-do’ list. The doorknob fell off my front door (this is actually an excellent deterrent against thieves and visitors), and between the rear-ending and a missing hubcap, I look like I’m cruising around town in what we used to call a “hoopty”.

11.2015 emmett vet

The worst of it has really been the cats. They have a terrible case of redirected feline aggression and haven’t been able to be in the same room for almost three months because they will actually physically harm each other. I’m hoping the Prozac will help us get back our happy calm home because I can deal with whatever the outside world throws at me as long as I have my little family around me, and two of them have four paws each.

I’m not sure what has tilted the world off its axis but I am hoping in the next couple of weeks, it goes back again. I’m really looking forward to a week off over Christmas to remain in pajamas and finish some knitting and reading. Maybe I’ll fix the doorknob…or maybe not.


i know, i know.

I know, I know. This is why I will never have a famously well-read blog that I can actually make money from and then melodramatically complain about the stress of writing sponsored posts for a living. I am lucky if I post once a quarter and look, not even a big splashy photograph to set the theme.

It’s autumn here in southeastern Michigan but still feels like summer. I am still stubbornly single and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for awhile if not longer, since the only male that I can remotely see myself marrying is Jim Harbaugh and he is taken. And would likely be no better equipped to put up with me than any of the other hapless, deer in headlights men that have blithely attempted to date me and quickly realized that for one reason or another they were utterly and completely in over their heads. (I always thought I was a pretty normal person, but based on the state of my interpersonal relations with the opposite sex, I am now willing to concede MAYBE NO). Mercury Retrograde has once again wreaked havoc personally and professionally with an influx of busyness, tasks, stress, and annoyances but I am largely unconcerned with all of them. Morning meditations and evening tea.

Miss L is joyfully back to school and already has math homework that I can’t figure out. (Common core…!#$%) I haven’t vacuumed in a couple of weeks and there is a spider living in the mailbox that is SO BIG that I can hear its legs tinking against the metal when the lid is closed. I am astonished that the mailman is still brave enough to put his hand in the box to put mail in there since I can barely bring myself to pull the mail OUT and have to shake every piece vigorously to ensure that the goliath isn’t clinging to it.

I haven’t vacuumed in a couple of weeks but am keeping well up with laundry. You’d think that this lack of household cleaning would mean that my attention has been focused on the yard, but no. It is mostly dead or dying. The chipmunks have decimated what’s left of the heirlooms, my house was stalked by a raccoon, and the leaves are starting to fall. This will continue until it snows. The maples lose their leaves first, before anyone is remotely ready to rake. My house looks like a Peanuts cartoon – all green lawns up and down the block and then MINE, hidden under a red and gold mound. I will curse bitterly and get these raked up and then the tulip tree will wait until the very end and drop all of its leaves, so I will be raking in the sun and heat and raking in the cold and sleet. Or not raking at all, which will make the neighbors grit their teeth. I don’t mind so much about Snow Hag on the one side, but I do feel sorry for the dentist on the other. He has a really beautiful lawn and gardens and I am quite sure that when GB moved out, the dentist wept, realizing that a divorcee would never be able to keep pace with yardwork. I try, but have become reduced to just mowing the one strip of grass on his side of my driveway so that in comparison, things don’t look so bad.

Rather than doing chores, I am taking naps and reading ‘1Q84’ by Haruki Murakami. I’ve read some really good books this summer / fall but will save that for another post, as well as my running update. I have a goal of publishing once a week (hahahaha…WHEW) I’ve also been helping Miss L’s Daisy troop – we did a great trip to Gleaner’s in Detroit, and I was a parent helper at their last troop meeting. I thought this would be the equivalent of a child’s birthday party (read: painful) but it was actually pretty fun and I made myself proud by getting all of her badges affixed to her vest (finally). I’m scheduling work trips and getting my passport renewed and watching the Weather Channel and ‘Orphan Black’ and wondering why my DVR won’t record the new ‘Muppets’. (Is that a sign from the universe?)

So, the world proceeds apace. See you next week (hahahaha….WHEW) for my next post.

PS – What does it mean when one has dreams over two nights about someone who they haven’t thought about in years? I haven’t thought about my friend from high school in a long time, but the past two nights I’ve dreamt of her and this concerns me vaguely. I’m also dreaming about packing, which is easier to symbolically deconstruct.

mostly catch up.

Every January and February, I lose my voice. I’ve noticed this phenomenon for the past several years. During the long, dark, cold days of winter, I pull back from interactions. I’m not mad or sad or depressed, really, at least not that I can identify; I just seem to need more quiet, alone time to recharge my batteries to get through the daily work. I don’t blog or write or talk to friends or family as much. I am just quiet and waiting for the sun to return, and with it, my voice.

Still, there is a lot that’s happened since the last time I blogged, so here is a quick round-up of life in suburban Elysium, mostly in pictures.

Brutally cold temperatures have forced school cancellations. Cabin fever sets in, and so I try to get Miss L out whenever the weather breaks for a short time. Fresh air, activity. Here is our take on the Stranger in the Woods - we call it Weirdos in the Backyard.

Brutally cold temperatures have forced school cancellations. Cabin fever sets in, and so I try to get Miss L out whenever the weather breaks for a short time. Fresh air, activity. Here is our take on the Stranger in the Woods – we call it Weirdos in the Backyard.

02.2015 kensington

02.2015 chickadee

I’m trying hard to keep my backyard birds fed and watered. I resurrected the old heated birdbath that never had a proper pedestal, and put it on my patio table. It isn’t as popular as I would like, but I do try to make sure it always has a little water in it and it has worked admirably well at keeping it unfrozen, even during the coldest nights here. Many chickadees, finches of different types, dark eyed juncos, a pair of cardinals, white breasted nuthatch, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, and the usual plague of house sparrows have been spotted.

Kensington Metropark is still our favorite place to wander, and feed birds by hand. One day, we got to see a special guy out for a walk. Ranger is a red-tailed hawk that was injured by a car and now serves as bird-in-residence. He can't be let back into the wild due to his injuries, but they are rehabilitating him. Miss L and I got to pet his very soft feathers. He was quite fond of her hat. I told her he probably thought she was a big rabbit.

Kensington Metropark is still our favorite place to wander, and feed birds by hand. One day, we got to see a special guy out for a walk. Ranger is a red-tailed hawk that was injured by a car and now serves as bird-in-residence. He can’t be let back into the wild due to his injuries, but they are rehabilitating him. Miss L and I got to pet his very soft feathers. He was quite fond of her hat. I told her he probably thought she was a big rabbit.

The winter light is moody, blue, sad, and beautiful.

The winter light is moody, blue, sad, and beautiful.

Fat Tuesday happened, and genuine Hamtramck paczki. My hipster colleague's girlfriend stood in line at the best bakery for paczki and he made sure we had a box.

Fat Tuesday happened, and genuine Hamtramck paczki. My hipster colleague’s girlfriend stood in line at the best bakery for paczki and he made sure we had a box.

02.2015 sarge recovery 1

Sarge scared us to death. Being the quasi-billy goat that he is, he ate something that didn’t agree with him (likely a portion of the rubber floor matting in the basement). Seriously did not agree with him – to the point that I thought we were going to have to say goodbye to our big fluffy bae far too soon. However, 36 hours in the Animal Emergency Center, IV fluids, antibiotics, several rounds of x-rays, and $1,400 later, he came home. He was properly aggrieved by his ordeal and spent several days sleeping.

Miss L took tender care of him.

Miss L took tender care of him. $1,400 was well spent to keep these two together.

After this exhausting month, Emmett & I are looking forward to March.

After this exhausting month, Emmett & I are looking forward to March.

in which i try to cope with january.

01.2015 nsk sunrise

not sure if i took this picture because of the pretty sunrise, or to prove that it is possible for me to get to work before 8AM.

This post was originally going to start out with the emphatic statement, January fucking sucks but then I remembered that one of the things I am most proud of over the last year has been my vastly improved capability to see silver linings. So I will back off that statement and simply say, January is a very challenging month for me personally. Better?

I think January is tough because I feel so relaxed and reset after a nice break, I have all of this clarity of insight about things I can do to feel better about myself, everything feels like a clean slate – then I go back to work and am plunged back into the same hectic routine and nothing is clean, nothing is new, everything is still the same old mess it was before Christmas, and on top of it, the weather usually turns, making everything more difficult. More difficult to travel anywhere, even work; more difficult to get any sort of natural light or vitamin D when it is always dark and the wind chills are perilous; more difficult to muster the energy to work out, to eat right, to drink enough water. January is a dark, cold, long month where everything takes more effort for me and I am usually going through the motions feeling numb with exhaustion, no matter how much sleep I get. This week has seemed like the Longest Week Ever. We had a green Christmas but winter has hit with a vengeance and we had a snow squall and a day off from school for Miss L due to the extremely cold temperatures which still persist around here.

(Sidebar. I have to ask. How do children get educated in Alaska? Or the upper Midwest which I heard on NPR now wants to secede from the Midwest and create its own region called the ‘North’? It’s much colder in those places than in Michigan. Those kids must NEVER go to school if education is contingent upon Mother Nature. And you know, look. I am a teacher fan, I support teachers and am full of gratitude for the very difficult job they do. I could never do it myself. But my teacher friends on FB are downright obnoxious about snow days. Yes, I understand that everyone gets happy about having a day off. But to the rest of us who have to go to work no matter what the temperature outside, and additionally have to find child care for a child that has a snow day, often by spending one of our limited vacation days to do so, it can be a little annoying when you open up FB in the midst of one of these hectic mornings and see a bunch of teachers high-fiving themselves in jammies about not having to work.)

On the silver lining side, GB & I pulled together as usual and tag-teamed, and Miss L & I sought refuge with a special snow day lunch, as is one of our traditions.

01.2015 dessert

In other news, somewhat on the spur of the moment, I decided to try a Bikram yoga class. I love yoga and have wanted to work it back into my fitness routine for some time, but I’d always resisted this specific type of fitness based on the yuck factor of doing it in a hot studio full of other people’s fug, sweat, and germs. But one of the lawyers I work with said the studio in Northville is quite clean and so I gave it a try on Thursday night. It was the night of our snow squall, so there was something very Scandinavian about working out in a sweatbox, watching through humidity-streaked windows as the snow filtered down in drifts on the street outside. Then bursting outside into a dark, quiet street of blessed arctic cold. I resisted the urge to roll around in the fresh snow – that would likely be acceptable in Ann Arbor, but in Northville I believe it would likely be frowned upon, the zoning is much more strict there….Anyway, the class was really good, I made it through with only a few moments of seeing dark spots floating over my vision while thinking numbly ‘oh my Christ I’m going to vomit’. The instructor was a fair little waif with a head full of blonde dreadlocks who smiled angelically through the class and went on several gentle metaphysical tangents that I enjoyed through my pain. However, I was underhydrated going in and at 2AM, I woke up with a savage dehydration headache that didn’t abate until after lunchtime the following day. I told someone that I felt like I’d been pounding tequila all night and it took vast amounts of water & Gatorade to get me back to normal. My body felt great – very limber & stretched – but my head was a wreck. I will definitely go back, I just really have to address my hydration and try to figure that out.

January is a dry month for me so my normal soothing glass of red wine is out of the picture for awhile, which I haven’t missed at all, oddly. This made the Bikram hangover more bitter in some ways… as usual, Emmett, however, was sympathetic. He always encourages me to go back to bed whenever I need it. And that is a good friend to have in January.

01.2015 me & em