in which i’m away for awhile


I’m simmering down about the election, or perhaps the right way to describe it is ‘becoming resigned’. I’m repulsed and disgusted but not shocked at the people he is choosing to surround himself with – why be shocked when they echo the vile rhetoric he has engaged in throughout the campaign? I’m disgusted but not shocked by his outright lies and spin about things like Ford’s business in Mexico, and terribly distressed about topics like a Muslim registry. I’m resigned to continuing to stand for my beliefs. I know what I’m for and what I’m against, and will continue to try to live it and speak it.

I spent the week in Florida at a resort in the Happiest Place on Earth for a professional Compliance & Ethics seminar and recertification exam. I was initially annoyed at having to be away from home, family & friends, and felines for several days, and at the start, being at Disney without Miss L was a real bummer. It’s so much more fun with her. But in the end, the little break from real life was just what I needed. Truthfully, I viewed this week as a bit of a vacation, since I have gone through this academy before, and passed the exam without much worry. Even the seminar was rejuvenating in its way. As news continues to come in of hate and fear and violence spreading in the wake of the election, it was really nice to sit in a room of like-minded professionals and discuss topics that we are interested in. Things like the intersection of law and ethics, helping our employees understand the bright line of ethical business conduct, and the First Amendment, to name a few. But I have a high tolerance for being alone, I hate networking, and so I spent a lot of time doing solo things. I took naps and went to bed early and got some running mojo back, and wrote. NaNoWriMo was derailed with my extreme emotional reaction to the election, and I’m way behind the pace of 50k words in a month, but I’m over 10k words, and going strong. Full report in a near-future post.

I also took pictures.


evening spent with knitting and tea in my hotel room


a post-seminar drink in the small, quiet hotel bar watching news of winter weather in the northeast



ice cream on the boardwalk


a familiar face on the espn cafe windows ❤



enjoying the sunshine on my breaks


and just like that, the elves worked at night and in the morning, the hotels were decked for christmas


an early morning flight home


and back home to miss l and these whiskers


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