in which i don’t tempt fate


I have only two goals today – pet store,  before Emmett chews my face off, falsely believing that he is starving, and library, since I’m finally almost done with the seemingly never-ending ‘Eye of the World’ (not a bad book by any means, just LONG, and in tiny tiny type that made it seem even more arduous) – and both of them involve leaving my driveway. This could be a problem – see below.

2.2016_ice boulder

In typical Michigan fashion, the snowplow came by and tossed up a wall of snow at the bottom of my driveway, which froze overnight and is now as dense, heavy, and impenetrable as ice boulders. I gunned my Camry over it twice (this was not well-thought-out) but I fear a third time, my luck would run out and I would leave my axle or some other important car part amidst the Great Wall. So, hopefully it melts a bit. In the meantime, I will just sit inside and eat Girl Scout cookies and watch the below over and over and over again.

Happy weekend. xo

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