snow day

I’m sitting in my back den with a glass of wine and the flames in the woodstove crackling merrily. The westerly sun through the pines is casting long shadows on the pristine snow of my backyard, unmarked except by bird tracks like runes. Sarge is sleeping in his Superman pose and the little red-haired girl is finishing up her pre-dinner hot chocolate (a snow day treat). The snow fell all night and most of the morning and so it was one of those no-school holidays.

I worked from home but when posts started popping up in the local elementary school Mom’s Page on FB, asking when everyone was heading to the big sledding hill, I remembered snow days as a kid. Building igloos with my brother, rampaging with the neighborhood kids…I want my little one to grow up with just as many memories of her childhood as I have of mine. Email could wait.

2.2016_sledding hill

There was a mad rush to find snow pants, boots and gloves; the hill was already crowded. She found some of her friends, neighborhood kids, and they were off while I stood at the top of the hill and watched. There was a haystack mogul on the far right side that caused a lot of glee and terror. The local news crews were out in force – all of the major channels with news vans, filming the kids, likely lingering longer than they needed to. Maybe everyone needs a snow day.

Finally, wet and freezing, hungry and thirsty, we came home to eat and relax and back to emails and IM’s from my restless non-snow-day enjoying friends in the office. On breaks, we organized Girl Scout cookie orders for delivery to all of my work friends tomorrow. (Yes, I am the Compliance manager, frequently lecturing people on Conflict of Interest, the Perception of Hawking / Soliciting, yet I still twisted a few arms on the down low to get the little one enough sales for that summertime trip to Mackinac Island. No one minded much. Even the COO was pounding on my door this week demanding his Thin Mints. “I KNOW YOU HAVE THEM. I NEED THEM…It’s been a bad week.”)

2.2016_girl scout cookies

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