Hurts like heaven 

It’s been a disappointing few days here in suburban Elysia. I sat through a bewildering three and a half hour meeting on Friday. An entire hour consisted of my boss showing her old family photos and telling us all about her Uncle Mort and Aunt Connie. It was a baffling slide show. Yet it still wasn’t the weirdest- that honor is entirely reserved for that time in 2003 when the new automotive Vice President spent an hour playing and replaying a film of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley. My organization has a rich tradition of weirdness.

We went to see Hail Caesar on Friday night and that was disappointing. I love the Coen brothers and it had great promise but again I call for greater exercise of editing.

There were other disappointments that I won’t go into; but I had a nice run this morning and my favorite band plays halftime at the Superb Owl tonight. And at this time next week my daughter, mother, and I will be far away from here, enjoying some sun and happiness in the Magic Kingdom. 

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