“Taking crazy things seriously is a waste of time.” – Haruki Murakami 

This morning the fields were white with frost but the weather report said ‘thunderstorms likely’ this afternoon. In February! In Michigan! Next thing it will rain frogs. 

I had the worst day of my week as far as what I had to do- presentations- and all I wanted to do was pull off and get lost on a country road and take pictures of barns and desolate landscapes, all the color of Andrew Wyeth paintings.

But I went along to work and had the joy of irony when one of the managers that I was co-presenting with gravely advised the room that it is strictly prohibited to use social media during work hours….after, I noticed, she’d spent the majority of my presentation distractedly scrolling through Facebook. Sigh. 

I wore a scratchy wool skirt all day and I was insufficiently caffeinated because I didn’t want to be jittery or have to go to the bathroom during my 1+ hour first presentation of the day. As a result, I went out into the ominously cloudy evening, with the beginnings of wind and the promised cold rain, with an itchy tummy and a mild headache. I couldn’t wait to get home into comfy Mrs Roper clothes. No shame in my game. 

Sometimes it’s nice when you get your hard day over with early in the week and then later that night there can be wine and bacon avocado pasta with  a very special friend. 

Just kidding- Fred doesn’t drink. 

But I might sneak him some bacon. 

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