Back on track (twenty seven)

I had to hit the ground running this morning which meant I could only linger in bed with the furfaces for a few pleasant moments to wake up. They were upset because Sarge’s midnight rampage against a hanging cable TV cord got them both ejected from the bedroom with extreme prejudice. However, they forgave me when Emmett could crawl back up onto his beloved Sherpa blanket and Sarge could watch the days forecast on the Weather Channel (he really does seem to be watching TV at times.)


When I went downstairs to fetch something, I saw tangible evidence of their wrath.

I have to apologize as I would normally never post a photo of my toilet on my blog, but the little pathetic drowned catnip mouse in its depths cried out for recognition and justice. COME ON boys.

Then of course because I HAD to get to work on time, I ended up stuck in traffic. But at least I was behind a wine truck with a sense of humor. 

I mused that a morning spent sitting by the side of the road, munching cheese and crackers and swilling spilled wine might not be such a bad way to waste the morning. 

But widgets called, and I rose to answer that call, and that is 27.


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