Monday again (twenty five)


the infrequently seen “upside superman” napping position as expertly demonstrated by john singer sargepants

The rest of the weekend passed without incident and was mostly spent in some sort of prone position catching up on lost sleep. The whiskerfaces helped a lot with this project.


I don’t know what I would do without their support.

I had a proper dinner – movie date night on Saturday and we saw “The Revenant”. Normally I really love movies of this type. The history is fascinating and the scenery…well, every shot was spectacular. I wanted to build a cabin on every view. 

Unfortunately we are old and the movie was almost THREE HOURS long. (I am not a big fan of the whole movement toward movies longer than 1.5 hours or so. I feel like they’re bloated and self-indulgent. And for God’s sake don’t divide a story into three or four movies when it can easily be told in two with some expert editing. I’m looking at you, Hobbit and Mockingjay.) So by the time we’d watched Leo crawl across half of the US, grunting and, as my date said, talking like Batman, we were both sodden with exhaustion. When the last shot faded to black, my date passionately said THANK GOD and drew shocked and angry glances from other affected moviegoers sobbing into their jumbo buckets.

And then, all too soon, it was Monday again. I got up early and put dinner in the crockpot with a feeling of enormous self satisfaction (BBQ chicken to shred for sandwiches for me & Miss L). There’s nothing better than coming home after a frantic Monday and having dinner already made. Then it was back to work with to-do lists and documents and a lunch hour spent here.

And probably more of the same tomorrow. Happy Monday all. 

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