Long weekend (seventeen)

Clearly I’m not very good at this “posting every day” thing but it will get better when I have a working personal laptop. It’s in the works but in the meantime, thumb blogging progresses. 

It’s a long girls weekend here in Michigan and we are bunkered in. I have been counting calories in an attempt to lose the five pounds of fluff I’ve gained this fall / winter and I have actually gained five more. I guess I have some dates with Tony Horton and Bob Harper (convivially known as Fuck You Bob Harper in the dark recesses of my mind). 

Last night Miss L & I picked our way across crusted ice tundra streets to visit our little 1940’s theater for a movie night. We came home and stoked up a fire and stayed up too late. Miss L is absorbed in watching Jackson Galaxy Cat Mojo videos and I was finishing my second book of the new year, “Fates and Furies” by Lauren Groff. Today it’s back to the library for more books. 



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