Still typing with my thumbs. It’s nice that I am shelling out money every month and paid additional money today for Internet and cable television, neither of which I can access. I hate to think that a new,unbudgeted laptop is in the cards but I think it’s time. 😦

On the upside, Miss L got a haircut today, and we ran errands and ate Swedish Fish and had lunch at Qdoba (“their tacos are quite excellent.”) We bellowed along with Adele. We stopped at the library in our shirtsleeves, because after pouring rain all night, the temps climbed near 50 today and people were using all sorts of unseasonable transportation to get around. 

The library was unexpectedly hosting a craft – coloring paper sacks to fill with treats as a “thank you” for the police, firefighters, and EMTs who worked over the holidays to keep us safe. 

We like a good library craft and if it includes gratitude, we’re in. 

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