Force majeure event (eight)

We’ve finally rolled into Friday and I have to apologize for today’s post in advance. I had some decent content planned for a change, but I encountered a force majeure event that will have to postpone it. 

What is the aforementioned casus fortuitus of which I speak? Well let me tell you. Last night I was snuggled in my big chair in fuzzy pajamas ostensibly participating in a conference call with Japan, but   I was in actuality on my personal computer listening with only half of my attention. I got up to fetch a glass of water and Sarge saw his opportunity. He has an affinity for sitting on my computer (it’s warm? He thinks it will get my attention? Unsure) and he is a large fluffbutt cat. He went up, my laptop went down, and the little USB adapter port snapped off. (Yes, my laptop IS that old.) I rushed back in, scolding, Sarge looked aggrieved and meowed once in protest before sauntering off. Then I realized that my conference line with Japan was unmuted. SIGH 

I am laboriously typing this post into my iPhone with my thumbs and its lucky that I care enough about my work product to backspace and correct my typos. Otherwise, none of you would have known what the hell a force manure event was.  


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