the real world (four)

Yesterday we pretty much spent the day in pajamas. I made beef stew and we baked Toll House cookies with a bag of M&M’s thrown in for good measure. (I’ve finally perfected the art of the chocolate chip cookie and it relies on under baking and not using butter.) 

We spent most of our time in front of the wood stove, learning the new Ravensburger games that Santa brought. Miss L prefers Enchanted Forest but I am rapidly becoming obsessed with Labyrinth and so proud of the fact that she regularly beats me at it. 

The Prozac that I’ve been surreptitiously slipping the cats (ground up in their wet food) appears to be gaining a foothold and for the first time in months, Emmett and Sarge lounged in the same room with us. The enjoyed the fire, and the periodic roll of dice, and paid no attention at all to the suburbanite deer that wandered up to the birdfeeders in broad daylight. There was no cat-on-cat violence or mayhem or urination. Hurrah for Better Living Through Chemistry!

Family Game Night might just become a thing for us and I’m wondering if she’s old enough for the Junior Settlers of Cataan? And if we still have that old Carcassone game in the basement? That is technically my ex-husband’s, but the directions are in German (indecipherable) and we couldn’t remember how to play. I’m sure they’re now available on YouTube or the general interwebz.

Anyway, I sat at my desk today and clung to the memory of our pleasant and serene pajama day. The first day back at work and school was tough. I had to repeatedly tell L that everyone feels the same way. Everyone would rather be in pajamas with the people they love (and cats) than in the ‘outside world’. (I refuse to call it the ‘real world’ because I don’t want it to be my ‘real world’. I would rather consider it to be the ‘world I am forced by necessity to venture into’ as opposed to the ‘real world’ – which for me is my home, with my little family, doing things we love together. That’s the ‘real world’. Or it should be.)


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