In which I am waiting for a file to download at work so I quickly share a couple of photos and happy things.

  My nails look like little Easter eggs. Thanks Sis 🙂 

(Ignore my ragged cuticles!)

Miss L learned how to ride a two wheeler with no training wheels this weekend! In about five minutes flat – she didn’t fall once. Proud mommy moment watching her take off and fly.

I have turned over a new leaf. My mornings have been far too crazy for my liking- too many snoozes, too much rushing around to get us out the door. It starts the day off on a bad footing. So I am tweaking the AM routine. I put the alarm clock on the other side of the room, set it for a half-hour earlier, and reset the timer on the coffee maker so that by the time I stagger out to shut the alarm off, the tempting aroma of caffeine is wafting up the stairs.

I also turned the alarm volume up. 

It’s a bit shrill…


This morning it sent Emmett and Sarge flying out of their cozy morning slumber with wild eyes and bottle-brush tails. 

They haven’t forgiven me yet and stared at me reproachfully while I enjoyed my slightly more leisurely toilette.


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