on the mend

finally feeling better.

simmering thieves’ oil.

finding the energy to put fresh seed & suet out for the birds on a day so cold that my hands were numb after just a few minutes outside; the air was bright with sun and full of shimmering crystal pinpoints of snow. Deep breaths of cold clean air.

washing sheets and towels in hot water.

dry brushing my skin and detoxing in an epsom salt and coconut oil bath.

seeing Miss L. feel well enough to eat a great dinner and be happy about returning to school.

finally turning the heel on my first knitted sock in years.

spending a quiet suspended night of illness watching robert redford and natalie wood in ‘this property is condemned’.

resolving that next summer i will grow every variety of sage i can find; i have been wishing for bunches of it this winter to simmer and burn and hang in the fusty corners of a closed-up winter house.



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