black friday

I always look forward to sleeping in, especially after a great Thanksgiving spent with my folks & sibs & nephews (I have two; one has golden curls & the other has a big nose and furry paws). However, this morning at six I heard something being dragged up the stairs.


I think most women who live alone would be alarmed to hear unusual noises at night or in the early morning but they don’t live with Emmett and Sarge. If I’m ever murdered in my bed, it’s because I assumed a violent home invasion was one of my crazy cats, rolled over, and went back to sleep instead of dialing 911.

So anyway, at six, I flopped over, put the pillow over my head, and then felt Sarge pounce up on the bed and commence to chewing on something. I peeked out and saw him gnawing contentedly on the half-knitted sock project I’d tucked into my bag yesterday. Luckily, the knitting needles were still in place, and he hadn’t dropped any stitches, but he’d only dragged the sock upstairs, and the ball of yarn was still stuffed into my purse. He’d dragged the sock around the house, tangling the yard around chair legs and into the Christmas tree before proudly bringing it upstairs, so it required some unwinding and untangling. At six.

11.2014 emmett christmas tree

As far as Emmett goes, this is a common sight these days and I am thinking of starting a pool in my family to place bets on when the whole tree goes over.

He is also upping his game in his assault on the fish tank.

11.2014 emmett fish tank

In other news, it is Black Friday and I am contentedly tucked up in bed doing a bit of shopping online and watching the sun come up pink in the neighborhood trees. One of my purchases, carefully researched and saved up for the 20% Black Friday discount, is a new running jacket, which I’m really excited about. I’ve been running trouble-free for the last couple of weeks, albeit on a treadmill, and am looking forward to getting outside this weekend in the cold. I am participating in the Brooks Holiday Marathon, which is a virtual challenge to log 26.2 miles between Nov 24 & Dec 26 with some fun weekly prizes. It’s more of a motivator than anything else as I never win anything, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a pair of Brooks shoes if I won them.


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