• House of Cards – I’m not a huge fan of political dramas but this one is gooooooooooooood.
  • Listening to Jon Krakauer’s ‘Into Thin Air’ during my commutes. The version I have is narrated by the author and I am basically finding myself driving aimlessly so I can keep listening to it. Is it weird that I want to start climbing now?? I have become so obsessed with the whole controversy that I think I have to read ‘The Climb’ now as well, and I’m going to check Netflix for that Everest doc.
  • This week, I’ve been the only person in my department and I’m doing constant triage. People come to find lawyers, they find a row of closed doors, and me. I never imagined that being in a corporate legal department would result in such a wide array of problems to solve. I’ll never get any benefit out of it, but damn, my knowledge is now a mile wide and an inch deep on easements, governance, compliance, bailments, anti-counterfeiting, and FORK TRUCK LEASES. If I can drag myself through one more day of rolling that rock up that hill, bless my heart.
  • Please, please, please, please, PLEASE secondhand gods of running – PLEASE don’t let me be getting shin splints. Please. Okay? I will use my foam roller and increase my miles by only 10% per week and ice and sleep in my ugly compression socks and wear the compression sleeves when I run and slay a chicken on your altar if you just won’t give me shin splints.
  • I’m getting too much pleasure and enjoyment out of Get Off of My Internets. I won’t tell you which blogs I like reading the vicious snark about.
  • I never thought I was a motorcycle boot kind of girl until I saw THESE bad boys on my beautiful bestie. She assented to my request to purchase the same pair. She’s an unselfish sort. They feel extremely heavy and clompy but after mincing around in heels they are undeniably solid and comfortable and the leather is just absolutely gorgeous. They are also the real deal. Steel toe, oil resistant, Good year welt sole. They are, in the words of ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’, bona fide. They probably won’t look as cute on me because I don’t curl my hair, but anyway.

09.2014 boots

  • Soon I’m going to do a post on how crazy my cats are. But after this week of shin splints, legal department triage, and a disastrous climb up from base camp, I just don’t have the energy to get into it. I also don’t have the energy to link to the House of Cards and Into Thin Air and everything like that, bleah.
  • After a summer of ruining my hair, I’ve officially turned the reins over to my stylist. Burgundy lowlights.

09.2014 lowlights

And those, my friends, are the lowlights of the week.


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