If you’re on Instagram, you are probably aware of #tbt – Throwback Thursday. You put up an old picture and hashtag it and you can go through and check out all sorts of retro views of your connections and the world, if you are so inclined.

I love IG and although I don’t have a prolific following, the portability and simplicity of the app has transformed photography from a hobby to a true passion for me. What I could never accomplish with a digital camera, I can do with my iPhone and a couple of apps. Now, I move through the world looking for photo opps and taking pictures and the thing I love about it so much is that it allows me to be fully present in a moment, to see the beauty of a little corner of the world, and through very simple cropping and filtering techniques, let my friends and family see it in the way that I saw it. Or, more accurately, in the way that I felt it. I used to be mildly socially anxious and dislike going places or having engagements and now if I start feeling that come over me, I think to myself that there are probably a few good pictures there, and it gets me out the door.

When Miss L was tiny, we gave her a Fisher Price camera for her birthday (I think her third) and recently I plugged it into my computer and downloaded years of blurry shots. There were some really beautiful ones and I love seeing the world that we shared several years ago through her eyes. All of these photos, except the top one of her own little self, are hers (the top one was, however, taken off the FP camera).







Although I will be happy with whatever she chooses to do with passion and excitement (within reason), I would love for her to keep taking pictures, and sharing them.

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