IMG_20140806_163307Summer colds are the worst. Miss L has been slogging through a particularly bad one that settled in her chest. The doc says it’s a common virus going around lately and let it run it’s course…yep. There were several sleepless nights due to nonstop coughing and the doc gave me the same advice I’ve been getting since Miss L was an infant – prop her up, lots of fluids, etc. This time we were told to give her a spoonful of honey before bedtime to help coat her throat and even Miss L rolled her eyes at that one.

Emmett tried to help out with nursing but it just tired him out and he took himself to a quiet corner to rest.

My yard is not looking too good and I need to get out and do some mowing and trimming and weeding today, but I seem to have woken up with a stuffy nose and a cough…ugh. Looks like the summer cold germ has not quite finished with us.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.


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