oh my, heirlooms


Oh my gosh, I know my July recap was a bit glum, but if our first tomato harvest is any indication, August is going to be wonderful.  After the earwig disappointment in the first ripe JD Special C-Tex, I was so excited to bring these beauties in, sun warmed and almost pulsing with summer light and good health, still smelling green and fuzzy (I don’t know how else to describe fresh tomato smell). The Cherokee Purples are the big ones and the so-called Paul Robesons (I am still skeptical) are the smaller, pear-shaped ones. I made GB and Miss L close their eyes and taste test slices of each before I mixed them with fresh, creamy buffalo mozzarella, olive oil and a dash of balsamic, sea salt, and fresh basil from the garden.

The general assessment was that the so-called Paul Robesons were just crazy amazing. Such a dark, complicated flavor, almost a smoky finish; but the Cherokee Purples were excellent, too. I am sooo pleased with the first crop and I feel that the effort I’ve put into our plants this year has been very worth it. STAKE and PRUNE, people, STAKE and PRUNE, my new mantra.

Miss L said about her birth month; “Whenever I hear about August it feels like it is already fall.”  This is true. But because my July was comparatively somber, I am pledging that my August is going to be full of optimism and contentment. I am going to declare this a self-care month, a month of identifying happinesses and pleasures, and a month of enjoying my life.


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