july recap


So July is over and not to complain, but except for our beautiful Up North vacation, it just wasn’t the best month. Maybe my expectations were set too high by the rapturous astrological predictions of all planets finally out of retrograde and a full moon in Leo and whatnot.

Maybe those things were just offset by a variety of personal issues currently unraveling slowly toward some sort of resolution after many, many months, and not getting much easier along the way.

Whatever it was, for most of the month I felt a lot like that baby bunny that I snapped a pic of last night. (One of three currently using our yard as a buffet slash crash pad. Emmett hates them and I thought they were adorably cute until I started finding sheared-off coneflower stalks missing their big berry-colored flowers…)

I felt disconnected and listless. Lots of Travis McGee novels kept my mind occupied. I didn’t want to do anything except sleep and retreat, but when I indulged in those things, the lack of routine and accomplishment was depressing. Floors went unvacuumed and clutter crept back. Work was exasperating and joyless, the first ripe heirloom tomato off my JD Special C-Tex plant got chomped by an earwig, I wanted little to do with interpersonal relationships outside of my daughter and my cats, and my fitness went to hell.


During the now-infamous tubing trip, I strained a muscle in my back and missed about two weeks of running. Now, let’s be honest. I don’t tend to run much in the hot weeks of late June / most of July anyway. I am not a good hot weather runner and most of my favorite runs are in the late summer and fall. Also, my favorite running partner has been out of commission all year due to a knee injury, and I could always count on him to push me; without him yelling at me I just haven’t kept up.

But now that my needle has edged past the big 4-0, if I miss a couple of weeks of activity and still eat at my normal rate, things can get nasty. My workplace does a health incentive with our medical insurance and every summer we get screened – blood tests, weight, BMI, etc. It’s kinda neat because you can see how you measure up against past years. Now, over the past 2 years I was very active and last year I was quite underweight, but according to my health screening last week I have MORE THAN bounced back from that low point and then some and then some more, and now it is time for me to start getting serious about my running, not just running for a mile and getting winded and walking for two and running the last quarter mile in and calling that a run.

Emmett agrees and has signed on to be my personal coach.

Lastly, after a summer spent punishing my hair for my feelings of unrelated dissatisfaction, I finally had to admit that although I like to do things myself, doing my own hair is not something I can do well. My college roommate once said that spending money on your hair is a necessity, since, as she logically pointed out, you have to look at it every day.

I went to the salon, and put myself in the capable hands of a professional, and caught up on the celebrity gossip magazines. When I was released into the humid air of the summer evening, with the overly sprayed coif that the stylists are fond of, smelling expensive, I wandered across the parking lot and thought that August will be a much better month.



2 thoughts on “july recap

    1. sara0611 Post author

      life can’t be too bad if SUSE is still reading my blog!! ❤
      thank you for the nice comment and for checking in. no worries – i am much happier in general than my grumpy july might indicate. hope all is well with the pea soup family. xoxo


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