tooth fairy

My little Miss L developed a wiggly front tooth during our vacation and yesterday, day care called me to let us know the exciting news – she’d lost it!

I am trying to keep Miss L stories off my blog as much as is realistic, simply because of her privacy. Sharing your kids with the whole Internetz is a thorny issue that I would just rather avoid, but she is the biggest part of my life and so to keep her to one side altogether just isn’t possible. Especially with big milestones like this!

She came home with her tooth in a bag and a somewhat startled hand-letter sign: MY TOOTH CAME OUT.   !!

I had the battle rattles about performing Tooth Fairy duties. On normal nights, I could come and go in her room without waking her up, but I had a terrible feeling that the minute I tiptoed into her room to slide her Tooth Fairy money under her pillow, she’d be wide awake, staring at me…”Mommy??…What are you doing, Mommy?”

Luckily, though, she had rolled far over to one side of the bed, and slept on while the Tooth Fairy delivered her reward, fished out the tooth, and crept back. I know the Tooth Fairy overdid it. $5 in cash and for a first tooth, a little goodie box on her dresser – a diary with a key, and a friendship bracelet kit.

IMG_20140721_180511This morning, she overslept and then came banging in with her treasure trove.

“I think the Tooth Fairy left me all of this stuff because I left HER some stuff,” she confided.

“Really?!” I asked. “What did you leave her?”

“Uhhhhh….a drawing…and some soap.”

“Some soap. You left that under your pillow?”

“Yep. Soap! From that place Up North!”

“Did she take it?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Miss L said.

I looked at her and thought, this is either a total fabrication or an elaborately constructed trap…which one? (There wasn’t any soap under your pillow, baby; How do you KNOW there wasn’t any soap, Mommy? Unless you yourself are….THE TOOTH FAIRY! AH HA!!)

I left it alone.

I can’t get used to looking at her with a gap in her mouth – she suddenly looks so much older.

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