june end

I’m not sure where June went but here we are with sparklers in hand ready for the 4th of July. I feel like I should be baking an angel food cake with whipped cream topping and the stars & stripes laid out in blueberries and strawberries.*

In June of 2014, here is what I loved:

  • Getting back to a more normal routine of running and getting ready to break my 2014 record for monthly miles logged. It’s not much, mind you, but around 35 miles run for the month, breaking the previous record, January (oddly), at almost 33. Again, I’m no silly girl ultramarathoner, but you know what? If you want to be a runner, all you have to do is – run. And enjoy it. I did a great little 5k in Glen Arbor this month, broke my PR time and came in around 26.13, and am trying to get out a few times a week to do anything I can – two, three, four miles. Shin splints seem to be in the rearview and I’m just running because I enjoy it.
  • McD’s strawberry lemonade. Now, I don’t eat at McD’s regularly – a Happy Meal is a treat for Miss L once in a great while and mostly I would rather pack a sandwich in my purse for myself than eat fast food (although I really do love a good two-cheeseburger meal with a strawberry milkshake, I just hate how it makes me feel). But Miss L and I are absolutely hooked. Summer fave.
  • My peonies – shown in many tedious pictures in this very blog – until they were beaten to submission by a driving rain.
  • Earthing. Okay, I hate having dirty feet. I wash my feet before bedtime every night (you already knew I was a freak) because I literally cannot stand the thought of getting into my bed with dirty paws. But for some reason I really do seem to sleep better when I can get outside and walk around in bare feet. I could probably break this down into a logical analysis of what I am also doing to promote better sleep on days where I am most likely to be barefoot but oh hush. I love rolling out of bed on the weekends and going straight to the yard in my bare feet to water, weed, and putter, step on something spiky and hop around cursing. So I have to wash my feet more, and vacuum my floors more? Maybe this guy is on to something. (I feel like I should be inserting a punctuation wink here, which is the proper way nowadays to indicate that you may just be kidding about something when more than likely you are not.)
  • Hot dogs. Wow, it seems like this June I’ve thrown caution to the wind – dirty feet, fast food lemonade, and nitrate laden processed foods. I know. I try to be careful about what kind I buy. My mom will only buy Hebrew National and although I scoffed at this, I just bought a pack of them and I probably won’t be going back to Ballparks. Say what you will, there is really just something summertime awesome about a chargrilled hot dog on a wheat bun slathered with sharp mustard, cold coleslaw, and baked beans. Yum.
  • Alaska’s Last Frontier. I am nuts about this show and wish they would hurry up and load more episodes onto Netflix already. I had no idea that they were in any way related to that 90’s brokenhearted hippie warbler queen Jewel!! That’s not exactly a selling point, but I can overlook it. I love this show. After I’ve watched a few episodes I wander about my garden and yard pretending I’m a homesteader.
  • Yoga Journal. I am still a runner girl, but as I wander somewhat away from the more competitive, stern aspects of that sport, I find myself incorporating more yoga-style stretching into my workouts. This site has given me lots of good direction on poses to help me stretch into wakefulness, warm up or cool down after cardio, and an entry into meditation. I would love to find a great yoga class in the Ann Arbor / Northville area but Bikram is hugely popular right now and I shy away from hot yoga. I’m too much of a germaphobe for a sweaty nasty studio even if I bring my own mat.
  • Mike Rowe on Facebook. You may know him as Dirty Jobs guy, or Ford pitch man – but his Facebook page is hilarious, smart, subtle, and clever. He doesn’t shy away from controversial topics and his posts come across as highly intelligent, thought-out, and sincere. I kind of think this guy is the real deal and as I drive to and from work listening to audiobooks of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee, so far he is the only celebrity I can imagine as any kind of Travis McGee. (Shame on anyone who thought Leonardo DiCaprio could ever, in a million years, in the remotest possible place in the universe, be fit to step foot on board the Busted Flush. Let’s just cast Zach Galifiniawhatshisname as Meyer and totally sell our souls to the same devil who cast Jar Jar Binks.)

I hope you have had a blessed June and solstice and are enjoying your summer / winter according to whichever hemisphere you are in. We are enjoying warm, humid weather, storms passing, green bursting gardens, and the prospect of a short work week in advance of the US July 4 holiday.

 *I might have to make this cake, I just sold myself…