good stuff


  • epsom salt baths – yes, they really work, at least for me.
  • destinations – and detours, and what i see along the way.


  • top of the lake on netflix. extremely dark, but elisabeth moss – wow.
  • sarge’s recent fixation on our shoes – i lay in bed at night laughing as i hear him manfully struggling one of our shoes up the stairs so he can chew on it in my bedroom. he thinks he is a dog.
  • shopping at drugstores. i don’t know what is so fascinating about beauty products, since i am a simple kind of girl who doesn’t use much makeup, and my hair & skincare tends to be trusted only to certain, specific brands (Acure, Clinique, JASON, Neutrogena & Dove). yet i can fill a basket with more drugstore odds and ends than anyone. best new drugstore find – scope outlast minibrush. perfect for days traveling or at work when you don’t have access to water or your toothbrush, but you can’t stand yourself one more minute.
  • crazy old movies on an obscure channel. mysterious island, anyone? or perhaps the naked jungle.
  • fairy gardens


  • spring-damp weather and a pair of ducks having set up shop in the sodden low area behind the hedge, across the street. when i open my window in the morning, emmett and sarge push their faces against the screen to hear the quacking.
  • The Bletchley Circle.
  • Jergens 3 Days to Glow. It still stinks to high heaven, but it does work nicely.
  • Generous neighbors,  cool, perfect sleeping weather, the mix of sun and clouds moving across the springtime sky.



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