it’s something, i guess

So I laughed when the Weather Channel starting talking about a polar vortex, and I laughed when panicked shoppers deluged the grocery stores and picked the aisles clean. Come on. We live in Michigan. Expect this weather. You don’t need to buy out Meijer’s and line up at gas stations and ram each other’s cars and carts for a three-day snowfall.

But winter  storm Ion pretty much sucked. Schools cancelled, subzero Fahrenheit temps. Swapping child care duties for a cabin feverish five year old who actually surprised us by keeping herself (and two wild teenage cats) pretty constructively occupied for several days.

01.2014 patio after ion

We were very lucky, all things considered. We live in town, so we had some degree of plowing out every day. We had plenty of food and we were able to manage Snoop’s off days by balancing our schedules and working together as a team. We didn’t have any damage to our roof or property, we kept power, and our pipes stayed intact. We also stayed safe and healthy and managed to keep out of the ditches while we were driving.

However, the resulting annoyance and inconvenience factor for my commute to Ann Arbor was considerable. The roads were icy and visibility impaired, lots of snow, spinouts, accidents. One morning I spent two hours and twenty minutes trying to get to work; I had a meeting, checked in with people, took care of some tasks, and turned around to drive back, so I could work from home for the afternoon shift with Snoop.

Back roads were no time saver, but as my fellow agitated commuters and I crept along country roads in a long traffic line, going about twenty five mph, I did see some lovely snowy landscapes, which is something, I guess. I started a photography series on Instagram titled, “Images from a Horrible Commute, In Which the Hapless Photographer Unwisely Took the Back Roads.” I’m sure I will have several other additions for this series by the time spring rolls around.

01.2014 horrible commute cemetaryAnd once I actually reached the office, there were occasionally some nice glimpses out of my office window of the sun coming up through icy trees. Which is also something, I guess.

01.2014 office ice viewBy the end of the week, we were all pretty worn out and ready for a Friday night spent in bed, under heaps of blankets, with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

01.2014 emmett & elizabeth