of chickadees and roses, briefly

chickadee living in rosebush 5.2013

last year, we had wrens, and they met a tragic end in the clutch of a local cooper’s hawk; this year, we have chickadees living in the rosebush in the back. the rosebush is one we discovered under an overgrown garden plot choked with myrtle; i haphazardly threaded it around a cheap home depot trellis and it has absolutely flourished. the birdhouse is decorative, a description which apparently has no meaning to its current tenants. every day we see the pair of them flying back and forth, bringing food to the nest, taking turns, perching on the overhead wires and the tomato cages. no sign of the babies yet, but i am checking as often as is seemly.

chickadee 2 06.2013

can you spot the chickadee in this picture?

they don’t mind snoop playing on her swingset, but they despise me hanging around their box with my camera trying to get a snap.

and yes, i know these pictures would be much more lovely if that rosebush happened to be in bloom currently, but it’s not, not yet; although it is full of the promise of a riot of violent pink blossoms. any day now.

so here is an obligatory shot of the first bloom on the much more boring yet always reliable ‘knockout’ rosebush in our front yard. i took it hastily one morning in the rain, pulling out of the garage to take snoop to school and get myself to work; but we stopped to take a picture of this first blossom.

now that the engine has started, it will finally cease its relentless blooming sometime around thanksgiving.

rose 06.2013