spring garden

yup, the lilacs came after all.


lilacs 2

there’s a lot of other exciting stuff going on in our backyard as well.

every year, gb does the vegetable gardens and my only complaint is that he wants to make the most of every inch of space. traditionally, by august, our gardens are riotous and chaotic and we’ve succumbed our patio in a war of green attrition. key learning: squash vines have no place in a square foot box bed.

i am more minimalist.

this year, i went to flower day at eastern market in detroit and purchased 3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes – cherokee purple, mr stripey, and hillbilly. i bought 4 pickling cucumber plants, and saved my splurge for basil – 3 kinds, traditional, lemon, and dark purple. the joy of our summer garden is making caprese salads out of our tomato & basil, fresh and vivid, with beautiful buffalo mozz dripping with oil. mmmmm.

that’s it. although gb is immensely dissatisfied with the open space in the gardens, i think we will both be pleased with a more orderly and limited garden this year. i do subscribe to the belief that you shouldn’t try to do too much, but what you do, you should do well.

another exciting item of note is that our neighbor has a beautiful japanese maple tree, and last week i noticed a small crimson leaf struggling to emerge from inside one of our hostas. closer examination revealed that a tiny japanese maple sapling had taken root inside the hosta. gb & i did emergency surgery to extricate it (and divided the hosta while we were at it). we planted it in its own pot and we will see if we can nurse it along so that someday it is as big and glorious as its mama tree next door.

japanese maple

due to a late, cold spring, the peonies still haven’t emerged, but it looks to be a banner year for the rosebush, which is laden with buds.